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Researching causes and cures for childhood and adult diseases in Corpus Christi, Texas

Today, 1 in 20 children are being diagnosed with
ADD/ADHD and 1 in 68 children are at risk of becoming Autistic. We
can STOP these conditions before they becomes an epidemic. Click on Autism to view some of my research.

Why does this 2 Months old child have Lead, trace of Mercury, Toxic levels of Cadmium, Arsenic
and Toxic levels of Aluminum in his body?

Some of these Toxins came from his mother & father. Some came from the vaccines given at birth.

The Hepatitis vaccine given at birth contains Aluminum, a known EPA classified Neurotoxin.

Please help us raise funds to do Hair Mineral Analysis on 100 newborns, preferably in Corpus
Christi, TX. If any of the newborns have TOXIC Metals, the parents will also be tested for toxins.

Please make a donation to support our Research to find the cures for childhood and adult diseases.
You can also mail your donations to: No student left behind Education and Wellness Institute,  
27202 Adrian Hills Lane,
Spring, TX 77386

Sterling Bocage Jr., Applied Clinical Nutritionist & Clinical Researcher, is available in Spring, TX for Nutrition
Hair Mineral Analysis testing, Blood testing, Urine Iodine, Bromide and Fluoride testing. Sterling is also
Neuromuscular Therapist, (Relaxation and Pain Reduction Specialist).

Detox your body with a Far Infrared Dry Heat or Ozonated Steam Chamber.  Sweating eliminates TOXINS and can
reduce Blood Pressure and Body Fat.

Sterling sells food based supplements from Standard Process and Endo-Met Labs.

According to the Centers of Disease Control and the World Health Organization, Iodine deficiency is the number one
cause of preventable Brain,
Thyroid, Stomach (Acid Reflux) and Skeletal (Skeletal Fluorosis, Osteoporosis) and other
diseases affecting millions of children and adults Worldwide.
Fluoride in our Water, Air, Food, Toothpaste, Teflon
cookware, Drugs, etc., blocks the absorption of or replaces Iodine in the receptor sites in the Thyroid Gland, causing
Hypothyroidism in over 120 Million women who are now on Thyroid medication. Iodine is used by the stomach cells
(parietal cells), to concentrate chloride which is necessary to produce Hydrochloric Acid. A lack of Iodine can cause
of Low Stomach Acid (Acid Reflux), causing 150 Million people to take
Acid Reflux Medication or antacids and costing
Taxpayers some $30 Billion Dollars a year plus another $100 Billion in additional sick Care cost since Acid Reflux
medication blocks the absorption of vital nutrients.

Research has found that iodine reverses Fibrocystic disease, Diabetic patients require less insulin, Hypothyroid
patients require less Thyroid medication, symptoms of Fibromyalgia resolved and patients with Migraine Headaches
stop having them.
Iodine Deficiency Found in Heart and Cardiovascular Disease. The Heart needs adequate stores of
iodine to beat smoothly. Many cases of cardiac arrhythmias and atrial fibrillation were resolved with the use of Iodine
and a balanced Nutritional Protocol. See
IODINE to order your IODINE test kit.

Health Care cost will increase because there is no emphasis on curing disease.

The real cost to Taxpayers of SICKNESS in America is closer to $4 Trillion dollars a year, not $2 Trillion. This
astronomical cost of our
SICK CARE System, Real and Hidden, will bankrupt America and will cause the EXTINCTION of
the MIDDLE CLASS due to the HUGH TAX BURDEN to pay for our Sick Care System.

Are our Washington Politicians the cause of most of most of the Diseases and Adverse Health Conditions in America?
See for your self, click on

Can we also BLAME the Washington Politicians for most of most of the Diseases and Adverse Health Conditions in
your PETS? The TOXINS in our Air, Water & Food are causing Sickness in your PETS and cost
PET owners $25.5 Billion
Dollars in 2010 for Medical Expenses.

Please join our cause to STOP the MANDATED or FORCED MEDICATION of our Air, Water & Food. By eliminating
Fluoride and other Toxic Chemicals from our drinking water, food, air, cookware, etc, Taxpayers could save
$3 Trillion Dollars a year. See

This website will eventually give you all the tools you need to evaluate you and your child's health and help
determine the causes of your disease or condition. The use of a Symptoms Health Survey, Blood & Urine lab test
along with a Nutritional Hair Mineral Analysis may detect Calcium Mal-absorption (High Calcium levels on Hair
Analysis) problems before they are detected on Mammogram will help provide you and your physician more ways to
assess your disease or condition.

Our newborns are being poisoned by getting too many
Vaccines given at too early an age without accessing their
Immune System response. Many of the vaccines have had and may still have Mercury,  
2-Phenoxyethanol (2-PE),
Aluminum and other TOXIC chemicals that weaken a newborns immune system causing adverse health conditions
such as Autism, ADD/ADHD, Learning Disabilities, etc. America ranks 34th in the modern World in Infant Mortality,
mainly due to the increased number of Vaccines. Autism is the fastest growing disability in the US.

Our Vietnam and Iraq
Veterans have been poisoned by being exposed to Toxic Metals and Chemicals. These TOXINS
have caused great harm, not only to our soldiers, but to their children, who have been born with many health issues
passed on from parent to child. Many studies have found heavy metal toxins in cord blood of newborns.

Are you poisoning your child with
Fluoride?   FLUORIDE TOXICITY & IODINE TEST are now available.

42% of US children now have some form of Fluorosis due to excess exposure to Fluoride in our drinking water,
Toothpaste, Fluoride treatments, cookware, etc.

The Study of Functional Endocrinology has linked Fluoride to Dental & Skeletal Fluorosis in children and adults, an
increase in Dental Cavities in children, Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Hypothyroidism, Kidney
Disease, etc.

Does your child have mild or severe Fluorosis? A free Urine Fluoride test may be available for your child. Please

contact us
through this website, email me at sterling.bocage@yahoo.com, Subject: Fluorosis or on Facebook, Sterling
Bocage Jr.

Help us BAN Fluoride from our Drinking Water, Toothpaste, Cookware, Air and Food.

Elevated Fluoride levels are found in women with Osteoporosis and Diabetes. Elevated levels were also found in the
residents of Dona Park, Corpus Christi, TX who had Toxic levels of Lead, Aluminum and Cadmium.

Almost All Diseases and Conditions can be PREVENTED or REVERSED.
Initial steps to getting healthy:
  • Take the Symptom Health Survey & Toxicity Questionnaire
  • Get a copy of all your laboratory tests and diagnosis from your doctor. An explanation of lab results (coming soon)
  • Order a Nutritional Hair Mineral Analysis
  • Drink 4 ounces of pure water every half hour - Make sure your water is not Acidic. Acid water can make your body acidic. An adequate
    amount of water can lower Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar and help Detox your body. Drinking too much distilled water can deplete the body
    of  vital nutrients.
  • Know your pH - an Acid body can produces Inflammation which leads to disease (see Lab Test)
  • Know the pH of all liquids you consume, especially bottled water and Energy drinks since many are Acidic (see Lab Test)
  • Know your Blood & Urine Sugar levels - Consuming too much High Fructose Corn Syrup can make your blood thick as Honey and those High
    Sugar levels can lead to Pre-Diabetes, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer, etc (see Diabetes)
  • Know your Hemoglobin A1C level - Levels over 5 can indicate the start of a Pre-Diabetic of Diabetic condition. Ask your doctor to order this
    test. (see Diabetes) This test will be available from our website soon.
  • Know your Vitamin D3 level.  Have your doctor order Vitamin D3,  25 - Hydroxy test. Ask your doctor to order the test. (see Lab Test in the
    future for this test)
  • Know your Iodine level - Low Iodine level an lead to Poor Digestion, Poor Immunity, Hypothyroidism, Weight Gain, etc (see Iodine & Thyroid)
  • Know your Mineral & Heavy Metal Toxicity levels - Mineral Deficiencies & Toxic Metals can cause many conditions from Weight gain,
    Learning Disabilities, Diabetes, Cancer, etc. (see Hair Analysis)
  • Know your Resting Heart Rate, Blood Pressure & Breath holding Time. (see Heart, Blood Pressure & Lungs)
  • Know your Thyroid Hormone Levels, TSH, Free T3 & T4. Know the symptoms of Low Thyroid (Hypothyroidism) (ask your doctor to do this
    blood  test)
  • Start eliminating all foods containing Trans Fats, even those that claim 0% Trans Fats but have Hydrogenated or Partially Hydrated oils,
    Canola Oils, Drinks and foods containing High Fructose Corn Syrup, Aspartame and its new name (AminoSweet), Margarines, Processed
    Foods, Foods high in Sugar & Salt, Foods and Skin Care Products containing Aluminum. See Diet.
  • Stop using toothpaste with Fluoride, (See Fluoride), (it affects your Thyroid, increases the absorption of Aluminum, Lowers IQ,  and is
    poisonous to your child if a pea size amount is swallowed), (Note the poison Control number on the box), Titanium Dioxide can cause
  • Stop using products containing Aluminum. Aluminum can cause Breast Cancer in Women & Men, ADD/ADHD, Alzheimer's, etc.

Our Government has ignored the wishes of the American people and has forced a Sub Standard SICK CARE system
upon us. Our Health care System only focuses on Treatment and not on Prevention or Curing Disease.

WHY? Because in their minds, there is no profit in curing disease. Treatment of Diseases generate Trillions of dollars in profits.

Individual Health Insurance policies have risen 20% and all Health Insurance will continue to rise until you make the decision to get healthy. Getting
you and your family Healthy will save you Hundreds to Thousands of dollars a year. Businesses can save Tens of Thousands of dollars a year if
they simply introduce a Health Prevention Program to their employees.

Please join our Cause to get you, your family, your relatives, neighbors and America Healthy by 12-12- 2012 and save
hundreds to thousands on your Health Care cost and save the American Middle Class from Health Care Bankruptcy.

Our present Health Care System of Treating Symptoms with Toxic Drugs will eventually bankrupt America unless we
take action now. We must take a proactive approach to our Health and the Health of our Family. You must demand
that Doctors do the appropriate tests to find the cause of your diseases and conditions and provide an appropriate
Nutritional Program to balance your body so your body can cure itself.


Americans pay more for Health Care than any other country in the Modern World. So why in 2009 was America ranked 37th in the Modern World
for best Health Care and ranked 21st in the world in Literacy, down from ranking 17th in 2007.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006; Posted: 12:02 p.m. EDT (16:02 GMT)
(CNN) -- An estimated 2 million babies die within their first 24 hours each year worldwide and the United States ranks 34th in the modern world in
infant mortality. American babies are three times more likely to die in their first month as children born in Japan, and newborn mortality is 2.5
times higher in the United States than in Finland, Iceland or Norway. Too many vaccines given at once and before the immune system of the child
has had a chance to develop is the major factor causing these deaths.

Please use this website to help you find answers about your disease or condition and make the diet and lifestyle
changes to make you feel better and get healthy.

You can help us ban POISONOUS Fluoride from our Drinking Water and Toothpaste. According to the American Dental Association (ADA),
children under 1 year of age should not drink fluoridated water or receive infant formula made from Fluoridated water. Why is there a POISON
control number on the toothpaste box? It is there if your child accidentally swallows more than a pea size amount of toothpaste. NOTICE: Titanium
Dioxide, an ingredient in toothpaste has just been classified as "Possibly Carcinogenic to Humans. (see Fluoride)

Countries that banned Fluoride from their drinking water pay less for Health Care per person and are Healthier and
Smarter than Americans. See
Fluoride for details.

Please support our Cause and Research by making a donation of a few dollars or Texas residents can support our
cause by visiting
www.sbocage.igniteinc.biz and save money on your Electricity bills.

          Causes of most Childhood & Adult Diseases

The U.S. Center for Disease Control ranks toxic metals as the number one environmental health threat to children.
According to an EPA/ATSDR assessment, the toxic metals
Mercury, lead, arsenic, and cadmium are all ranked in the
top 7 toxins having the most adverse health effects on the public based on toxicity and current exposure levels in
the U.S., with nickel and chromium also highly listed.

The EPA estimates that every year more than 1 in 6 children could be at risk for developmental disorders because of
Mercury exposure in the mother's womb. The truth is the FDA has never tested mercury fillings for their safety.

ADD/ADHD, Autism, Behavior Problems and most Childhood Diseases can be traced back to Parents with a weakened Immune System, Nutritional
Deficiencies, Previous History of Diseases, Toxic Metals and Extreme Stress prior to Conception, during Pregnancy and at Birth.

Newborns are then bombarded with some 30
vaccinations with Mercury, Aluminum, 2-Phenoxyethanol (2-PE, which weakens or destroys the
Immune System ), etc which creates Extreme Stress on their little bodies. These Stresses can further weaken their fragile immune system. The
outcome is Autism, ADD/ADHD, Behavior Problems, Muscular Dystrophy, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, etc.

We are paying for the sins of our parents and their parents? Just as Crack and Alcoholic babies are born, research has proven that Toxic Metals
and Nutritional Deficiencies are passed through the placenta at birth.

We believe, if parents were tested prior to conception and a program to improve their Immune System with nutrition and removal of toxic metals
were followed, we could prevent most of these children from being born with a weakened immune system.

Boys out number Girls in every Disability Category in Corpus Christi, TX and probably across the Nation. These categories include ADD/ADHD,
Autism, Learning Disability, Emotional Disturbed, Mental Retardation, Speech & Visual Impairment, etc.

NOTE: If you require Blood or Urine Test and your Doctor won't order them or your Insurance Company won't pay for
the test, let us know by using the Contact us form.

The information on the website has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The information and
products on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Before using any of the
information or products, please consult your doctor.
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