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Soldiers on the battlefield are constantly exposed hundreds of unknown Toxic Metals and Chemicals that not only effect their health, but can
effect the health of their children.

Research has proven that parents with Toxic Metals and Chemicals can pass these Toxins to their newborn through the placenta at birth.
These Toxins can cause anything from Birth Defects, Learning Disabilities, Behavior Problems to any Disease later in life.

It is extremely important that any soldier who has any health conditions or plan to start a family after deployment
get evaluated for Toxic metals and Chemicals.

These TOXINS are being passed on to their children through the placenta at birth causing behavior and
neurological and other health problems.

Suggested Test:
Hair Mineral Analysis - Click on Hair Analysis and use the Contact Us form for Special Pricing for Veterans
Ask your doctor to do:
  • A complete Blood & Urine test to include Estrogen, Testosterone, Progesterone, etc.
  • A complete Urine Heavy Metal and Toxic Chemical test
  • A complete Thyroid Hormone Panel, TSH, Free T3, T4, Antibodies and possible Parathyroid Hormone test.
  • Parathyroid Hormone test
  • Iron & Ferritin
  • Vitamin D3
  • Urine Iodine, Bromide & Fluoride test ( if doctor refuses, click on Fluoride for test)
  • A Saliva hormone test

5-01-2011    Veteran Heavy Metal Toxicity Research Project using Hair Mineral Analysis

Tested - 2 Males (Vietnam) & I male (Iraq), 1 Female (Iraq) & her 2 children born after deployment
Pr (ground troops) and Lr (helicopter pilot) in Vietnam
Ly and Ay were exposed to the Burn Pits.

Name/ Age  Service     Gender      Digestion    Liver/Kidney    Copper      Lead        Aluminum       Cadmium        Mercury        Arsenic
Pr      63        Vietnam    Male         Impaired        Stressed        Hidden       Trace        Yes                      Yes              Yes        
Lr      63        Vietnam     Male         Impaired        Stressed       Hidden        Trace        Yes                                          Trace        
Ly     38        Iraq              Male         Impaired        Stressed       Hidden        Trace        Yes                      Yes             Trace        
Ay     30        Iraq              Female    Impaired        Stressed       Hidden        Trace        Yes                                          Trace             Yes
Al        4        Daughter                      Impaired        Stressed       Hidden        Trace        Yes                                                                  Yes
Au       2        Son                                Impaired        Stressed       Hidden        Yes            Yes                                                                  Yes

Ay and her two children had low calcium levels while the three men had high Calcium levels. The Thyroid and the Parathyroid gland control
Calcium levels in the body. Your doctor can do these test.

Ay, Au, age 2 and Ly appear to be at the Exhaustion Stage of Stress


Allergies                                                               Anger
Anxiety                                                                  Asthma
Back Problems                                                   Blurred Vision
Bronchitis                                                             Bruising
Canker Sores                                                      Carpal Tunnel
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome                              Defensiveness
Depression                                                          Dermatitis
Dizziness                                                              Dry Mouth
Dry Skin                                                                 Emotional Sensitivity
Endometriosis                                                     Exhaustion
Fatigue                                                                   Fibromyalgia
Frequent Urination                                              Gall Bladder Problems
Gall Stones                                                           Hypoglycemia
Immune Deficiency                                            Indigestion                             
Infections, Respiratory                                      Insomnia
Irritable Bowel Syndrome                                 Itchy Skin
Joint Pain                                                              Loss of Concentration
Low Self Esteem                                                 Migraine Headaches
Mood Swings                                                       Muscle Cramps
Muscle Weakness                                             Nausea
Negative Feelings                                               Nervousness
Nightmares                                                          Pain Between Shoulder Blades
Panic Attacks                                                      Poor Attitude
Poor Memory                                                       Poor Muscle Tone
Psychological Problems                                   Sexual Drive, Decreased
Sinus Problems                                                  Stomach Problems
Stress                                                                   Tinnitus
Weight Gain                                                          Worrying

Au 2 year old son of Ay

Behavior Problems                                            Loss of Concentration
Compulsive Behavior                                        Mind Racing
Ear Infections                                                      Nightmares
General Good Health

Hair Analysis of Au, 2 Year old boy, shows Lead, Arsenic, Aluminum and hidden Copper Toxicity

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