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The FDA says Fluoride is a DRUG because it is used to treat or prevent a disease or condition. It was supposed to
prevent TOOTH DECAY. That was a lie. 42% of US children have Dental Fluorosis and Cavities.

Sign our Fluoride Petition to remove Fluoride from our drinking water, toothpaste, foods, cookware, Drugs, etc.

Corpus Christi residents are paying $700,000 a year to add a Poison to your water.

TOXIC Prescription and Over the Counter Drugs cause Death or Serious Adverse Side Effects for over One Million
Men, Women and Children each year.

Nexium, for Acid Reflux, will eventually destroy your quality of life, guaranteed. It blocks the absorption of vital
nutrients your body needs.
Acid Reflux is  caused by TOO LITTLE HYDROCHLORIC ACID in the stomach, not too
much. Nexium manufactures are being sued for causing Osteoporosis, Loss of Bone Density or Fractures.

TWO important questions you should ask your Doctor:
1- Will this or these Drugs cure my disease or condition?
2- If not, why are you suggesting I take them for the rest of my life?

It is a FACT that Drugs DO NOT cure Disease. Vitamin C cured Scurvy, Vitamin D cured Rickets and Iron cured Iron
Deficiency Anemia. Drugs are only used to treat symptoms, but hide the real cause of your disease or condition.

If your Doctor prescribes a drug that requires Liver Testing, beware of serious side effects. It simply means that,
the Drug prescribed will slowly destroy or weaken your Liver and cause many other adverse health conditions.

If you SICK and TIRED of being SICK and TIRED, than start researching the cause of your health conditions. You
can start with this website.

Order a Nutritional Hair Mineral Analysis first.
Most children and adults have Nutritional Deficiencies and Toxic Metals causing their health problems.
Other test are available to help you determine the cause of your condition.

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