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cost to Taxpayers of SICKNESS in America is closer to $4 Trillion dollars a year, not $2 Trillion. This
astronomical cost of our SICK CARE System, Real and Hidden, will eventually bankrupt America. We
could save $3 Trillion Dollars a year in Sick Care cost by banning FLUORIDE and all Toxic Metals and
Chemicals from our Air, Vaccines, Water, Food and Cookware.

                       Americans pay more for Health Care than any other country in the World.

America doesn't have a HEALTH CARE System.

We have a SICK CARE SYSTEM because it is illegal to cure any disease, especially CANCER, which is a Multi-
Trillion dollar industry. Cancer is preventable and has been curable for many years by many forms from Electronic
to Herbal to Nutritional, but these have all been deemed illegal by the FDA.
Our Government gives $6 Billion
Dollars a year of Taxpayer money to the Cancer industry that won't allow cures to be available to the public.

If you want a cure for Cancer, make a donation to support our Cancer Research. Donate now.

America ranks 37th in the modern world in Health Care and Infant Mortality.  In Literacy, America ranks 14th in
Reading, 17th in Science and 25th in Math. We are also becoming the FATTEST country in the World.


Poor Health, Illiteracy and Crime are all related. The one common denominator are Toxic Metals,
(Lead, Fluoride,
Mercury, Arsenic, Copper, Aluminum, Cadmium) and other TOXIC Chemicals that our Government has allowed in
our air, water, food, vaccines, drugs, vitamins, minerals, etc.

Our Washington Politicians have allowed Americans to be slowly POISONED since the 1900’s and has
caused the worst Health Care & Economic Crisis in our History. We are a SICK NATION.

Have you approved Forced or Mandated Medication for you and your children? If you say NO, think
again. Every time you elect or re-elect a Washington Politician who has given his or her approval to
Forced Medication, you have also approved of FORCED MEDICATION.

The Solution: Don't VOTE for a Politician who approves of Forced Medication.

I for one, DID NOT approve of these Toxic Chemicals and Metals to be used in our Vaccines, Water, Food,
Toothpaste, Cookware and Air.

People of America, it is time to take a stand and denounce FORCED MEDICATION without your consent.
Forced Medication cost Taxpayers over $4 Trillion Dollars a year in health care cost.

  • $2 Trillion Government Health Care cost estimates
  • $3 Billion dollars for Vaccine side effects, such as Autism, Learning Disabilities, Mental Retardation,
    Neurological Disorders, etc and Death
  • Over 800 Billion Dollars a year OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE for DENTAL CARE, assuming 27% of overall Health
    Care OUT of POCKET cost based on $4 Trillion Dollars a year Health Care Debt
  • $1.1 Trillion Dollars to treat 11 Million people with CANCER. My sister's CANCER bill was $750,000 for 18
    months of CANCER treatments. We were told the insurance money had run out and she had to leave the
    hospital. She died the next week.
  • Almost a Trillion Dollars lost by Employers due to unhealthy employees and Loss Productivity
  • $32 Billion for the 1,596,670 new cases of CANCER every year, assuming only $20,000/ case. Texas had the
    4th highest CANCER DEATH rate in the NATION IN 2010 (36,770 DEATHS)
  • $50 Billion for the 5.8 Million children in the Government Special Education Programs
  • $34 Billion for Social Security/ Disability benefits for the 5.8 million Special Education students
  • $45 Billion in out of pocket expenses in Medical bills that caused 62% of the bankruptcies and many home
    foreclosures in America. About 1.6 million Americans declared bankruptcy.
  • $145 Billion loss when Bankruptcy cause these to loose their jobs and their homes. There is a link between
    cost of cancer diagnosis and treatment and personal bankruptcy.
  • In 2008, 29,000 teacher sick days cost Corpus Christi taxpayers $4.3 Million dollars for substitutes.
  • $993,600,000 in 1999 for substitute teachers, assuming one teacher day a year. In 1999 the total number of
    teachers in the US, was 7.2 million. The approximately number of sick days was 7.2 million X $138/ day for
    substitute = $993,600,000 per year.
  • $750 Million for 26 Million Diabetics, 1.9 million new cases of diabetes were diagnosed in people aged 20
    years and older in 2010.
  • $98 Billion for the 41 Million people over 65 years old, Average of $200/ month expense
  • $91 Billion to cover 11 Million Illegal or undocumented people
  • $58 Billion to cover 50 Million uninsured Americans
  • $444.2 Billion to treat Heart Disease in 2010
  • $6 Billion a year Government Funding for Cancer Research
  • $25.5 Billion in 2010 for PET Medical expenses caused by our Washington Politicians
  • $700 Billion a year is what Taxpayers are now being OVER CHARGED for Sick Care. In 2007, the McKinsey
    group released a study called Accounting for the Cost of Health Care in the US. They found at that time
    Americans were overpaying $477 Billion a year for Health Care.


The above numbers don't include the increased cost of long term care for our Veterans, Elderly,
Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia, Mental Disease, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Medicare & Social Security
Disability Fraud associated with our SICK CARE SYSTEM. It also doesn't cover the cost of increase in
Juvenile Delinquency caused by Toxic Metal accumulation.

Why doesn't Medicare cover Dental? Did our Politicians made a deal with the American Dental
The American Dental Association was the first to discover Fluorosis caused by Sodium
Fluoride, a TOXIC CHEMICAL. They knew that Dental decay and Gene Mutations were evident in the
cases studied and they saw a GOLD MINE if they could convince Washington Politicians to mandate
Sodium Fluoride to be used in toothpaste and our water supply under the premise that it would prevent
tooth decay. Research has proven that it DOESN'T PREVENT TOOTH DECAY, BUT ACTUALLY CAUSES

The World Health Organization says that over 60% of the children and 100 % of adults in the world have

Our Politicians also approved the use of MERCURY in dental amalgam, even though Mercury is listed as a
TOXIC metal by the EPA. The little known truth is that The American Dental Association owned the
PATENT for MERCURY AMALGAM and have made hundreds of millions while poisoning Americans.

Currently, Medicare does not cover routine dental care or most dental procedures such as cleanings, fillings,
tooth extractions or dentures. Medicare does not pay for dental plates or other dental devices. In general, you
pay for 100% of dental services.

Fluoride, Poor Dental Care and  Mercury Fillings can Make You Sick.
Dental Fluorosis can lead to gingivitis periodontitis, Heart Disease, Heart Attack, increased risk of dementia and
Alzheimer's Disease. One study found that people with the fewest number of teeth were most likely to suffer
dementia and other serious health problems. It might worsen your body's control of blood sugar. People with
diabetes are more likely to have periodontal disease. It may affect your breathing. Gum disease may increase your
risk of getting respiratory infections, and It could make it harder for you to have a baby. Pregnant women with
gum disease may have higher odds of a miscarriage.

Fluoride accumulates in your body and causes many health conditions. The National Academy of Sciences stated
in 1977 that an average retention of 2 mg/day would result in Skeletal Fluorosis after 40 years.
Our Politicians, who control the FDA, EPA, etc, and paid off by the manufacturers of Fluoride and promoted by the American Dental Association
allowed Fluoride in the Air, our Drinking Water, Toothpaste, Food and Cookware, knowing that it was a TOXIC chemical and caused Fluorosis
in children and now Skeletal Fluorosis in Adults.
Children are exposed to about 2500 ppm of Fluoride a day, when 2
ppm/ day is the so called acceptable limit for children.

Today 41% of American children have Fluorosis because of the Water Fluoridation, toothpaste, foods, sodas, juices, prescription
drugs, Teflon cookware, etc. Fluoride increases the absorption of Lead, Copper, Aluminum, and other metals causing many adverse health
conditions in children and adults. In children, Fluoride also causes Gum Disease, Tooth Decay and can cause Bone Cancer. In some cases,
children have DIED after Fluoride treatments.

In adults, Fluoride causes Hypothyroidism by blocking the absorption of Iodine needed by the Thyroid gland. Fluoride also causes Skeletal
Fluorosis, Osteoporosis, Hip Fractures and many other bone diseases. Fluoride also causes Kidney Disease including Kidney stones. 100
Million women are taking Thyroid medication because of Fluoride Toxicity.

Drugs containing Fluoride:
Prozac, Paxil, Sarafem and Fontex are prescription drugs used to treat depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bulimia nervosa and
panic disorder. The manufacturer warns that taking
Prozac may increase your risk of suicidal thoughts, seizures, mania, anxiety,
insomnia and potential for impairment of judgment. Prozac may increase risk for neuroleptic malignant syndrome, a neurological disorder
characterized by altered mental status, muscular rigidity, irregular pulse, rapid blood rate and irregular heart rhythm.
The FDA warns,
Paxil  use during PREGNANCY is linked to Birth Defects in children
. These include Lung, Heart, Cranial, Septal defects, Spina
Bifida Neural Tube, Pulmonary Hypertension in newborns, etc.

Fluphenazine hydrochloride is the active ingredient in Prolixin, an anti psychotic prescription drug used to treat schizophrenia. The
manufacturer warns that the drug can cause tar dive dyskinesia, an involuntary movement disorder; neuroleptic malignant syndrome; and
potential birth defects.

Our Politicians allowed Lead to be added to gasoline and paint for many years, knowing that Lead was Toxic to children, humans and the
environment. Hidden Lead toxicity can lead to 50 plus health conditions from Mental Retardation & Tooth Decay in Children,Arthritis, abnormal
brain function, MS, MD, Cardiovascular Disease, Digestive problems, Impotence, Infertility, Low Thyroid, etc.
Our Politicians allowed the introduction of Lead, Galvanized and Copper water pipes, knowing they were also Toxic to our health.

Our Politicians allowed Mercury, Aluminum, PE2, and other Toxic chemicals in Vaccines, knowing they were Toxic to our newborns and young
children. These Toxins are responsible for Autism, Learning disabilities, and most of the Behavior & Neurological problems in our children. In
adults, the leaching of Mercury from Mercury fillings can be passed to newborns through the placenta at birth and can cause birth defects,
Mental Retardation, other adverse health conditions and even DEATH.

Mercury fillings has been linked to Autism, Miscarriages, Small Heart attacks, MS, Fibromyalgia, High Blood Pressure, Pain, etc.

Do you know why millions of Americans have Mercury Fillings that are causing so many adverse health effects? The American Dental
Association owned the PATENT on Mercury amalgam and has made Billions of dollars poisoning the American people. I heard recently that
they are now using Mercury fillings and caps on young children. If your child has had Mercury installed in their teeth, please
contact us. It
would be advisable to get a
Hair Mineral Analysis.

When our Politicians allowed installation of Copper water pipes, they knew that Fluoride in the drinking water could leach copper from the
pipes and Lead from the lead joints and would be absorbed in our bodies. High levels of Copper is found in almost every disease condition.
Copper IUD have causes many adverse health conditions in women.

Out politicians have allowed Aluminum to be dispersed in our air, water, food, vaccines, cookware even though it is a neurotoxin. High levels
of Aluminum has been associated to Alzheimer's disease, Dementia, ALS, Parkinson's disease, Kidney & Liver dysfunction, etc.

Using an Aluminum pan to boil Fluoridated water increases Aluminum concentration 800% and Fluoride 100%.

Our Politicians have allowed industry to release tens of thousands of toxic chemicals in to the air, water and food.

Our Politicians have allowed Drug companies to produce thousands of drugs with many side effects that have caused Hundreds of  Billions in
extra health care cost.

The sum total of all these Toxic Metals and Chemicals have created an astronomical financial burden on our SICK CARE system that it will
bankrupt American.

It is called a Sick Care System because Doctors only treat symptoms today and have given up on finding the cause for any disease.

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