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                                              FLUORIDE caused my OSTEOPOROSIS

It took 15 years of research to discover that Fluoride was the cause of my Hypothyroidism, Dental decay, Osteoporosis and Skeletal Fluorosis. I have now
reversed my Osteoporosis and Skeletal Fluorosis.

Fluoride blocks or replaces Iodine at the Thyroid receptor sites. It is important to know the levels of Fluoride and Iodine in your body.

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How I have reversed my Osteoporosis (see my first Hair Mineral Analysis below)
               I am now 3 years FREE of Osteoporosis

Non invasive TISSUE CALCIUM cuff test - This is one way to test Calcium Mal-Absorption, where too much Calcium is coming out of your bones and is being deposited in your tissues.

Place a blood pressure cuff around the thickest part of the calf and proceed to inflate until patient realizes a cramp (not pressure). If patient can withstand at least 200mm (240 is optimal), consider adequate
tissue calcium.

A more accurate way of accessing tissue Calcium is with a Hair Mineral Analysis.

My journey to find a cure for my health problems began some 13 years ago.

My symptoms started with:
  • Irregular heart beats and palpitations
  • Fatigue
  • Soreness in aches of both feet and my right shoulder
  • The soreness became Bone Spurs in both feet and right shoulder
  • This took several years to occur
  • Pain and weakness in my legs and shoulder began after about four years. My left leg was the worst. I had to lift my leg with my hand to get out of the car.
  • My body temperature dropped from 98.6 to 96.8
  • My feet were cold
  • My heart rate reduced to 60 beats per minute

Doctors had no answers for my condition. I was told I was in perfect health because my blood test were normal. All those symptoms I had didn't matter to them.

The blood and urine test that I requested, were denied by the doctors. I changed doctors several times over the next few years until I found a doctor who would do some of the tests, Thyroid and Hemoglobin
A1C test.  My thyroid test was normal. My Hemoglobin A1c was 6, which in my research indicates a trend towards Pre-Diabetes.
It was becoming increasingly evident that it I didn't take control of my own health, I would end up in a wheel chair.                                

I performed the first Nutritional Hair Mineral Analysis on myself. It gave me clues as where to start searching for answers. (see below)

My Calcium level was 256 (normal is 40), Magnesium was 12 (normal is 6). Sodium was 17 (normal is 25), Potassium, Iron, Copper, Chromium and Manganese were
extremely low.  Zinc and Selenium were also low. Phosphorous was OK.

My Urine & Saliva pH was 5.5 (ACIDIC). My urine Sugar was 6, (normal is 1.5). Our body will not absorb certain Minerals in an ACID state.

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I started on a Nutritional Program recommended by the lab. Within 9 months all the Pain and Weakness was gone including the bone spurs. I became a real believer in
Nutrition. My Calcium levels dropped  to 150. Four years ago my Calcium level dropped to 94. My bone Density showed very little Osteoporosis. Today, I am free of

I am now researching a cure for my Diabetes, Sub-Clinical Hypothyroidism and Hyperparathyroidism.

Calcium mal-absorption is involved in 90% of all diseases. It is caused by Low Stomach Acid, insufficient digestive enzymes, Low Thyroid function, Stressed Adrenals, Poor Diet, etc.

High Calcium levels are found in most Diseases from Diabetes to Cancer. People with CANCER have the highest levels of Calcium in their tissues.

Calcium absorption is also affected by high Estrogen or xenoestrogens, low Vitamin D3 levels, Mineral deficiencies, etc.

Xenoestrogens are foreign estrogen like compounds that we are exposed to everyday. Some of the 70,000 registered chemicals for use in the United States have
hormonal effects in addition to toxic and carcinogenic effects. Research at Stanford found that 2-5 parts per billion of bisphenol-A, (found in Plastic Bottles) was
enough to cause the breast cancer to proliferate.

Xenoestrogens are also found in Plastics, Spermicide, Detergent, and Personal Care Products, Commercially raised Beef, Chicken and Pork, Birth Control Pills etc.

Steps I used to cure my Osteoporosis
  • Hair Mineral Analysis is crucial to determine Nutritional Deficiencies and Toxic Metals. It also gives you a baseline to monitor progress.
  • Start monitoring your Urine and Saliva pH levels alone with Body Temperature, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Urine Sugar, etc
  • It is also important to have a baseline Blood and Urine tests to include Calcium, Ionized Calcium, Magnesium, Urine Sugar, Hemoglobin A1c, Vitamin D3, and
    Thyroid Panel (TSH, Free T3 & T4), Female Hormone Panel. If you are overweight, ask your doctor to do a Hemoglobin A1c
  • Changed my diet - eliminate all Trans Fats, Hydrogenated or Partially Dehydrogenated Oils, Sugars, Simple carbs, Colas & Diet Colas, etc
  • Started on a Nutritional Program to improve Digestion, balance your Minerals and Remove Toxic Metals
  • Started to walk and got more SUN

Osteoporosis Medication may deplete vital minerals from your body.
If you are on Osteoporosis Medication it is important for you to get a Nutritional Hair Mineral Analysis.

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Hair Mineral Analysis test Kit now.

Below is my first Hair Mineral Analysis. It saved my life. If I had not done the analysis and made the changes in diet, lifestyle and supplementation, I would have been
in a wheel chair and have some serious health problems.

It is very fortunate for me that I no longer have Osteoporosis, since I fell off a ladder in November cutting some tree limbs. I fell four to six feet. My my left
foot and back hit the concrete sidewalk.
I have a heel fracture and a sprain. I have chosen NOT to do surgery. I am doing specialized therapy and enhanced nutrition to accelerate the healing

If I had surgery, it would be three to four months before I could walk without crutches. I was able to walk without crutches in two & half months. I have now
heal my torn ligament through special therapy and nutrition.

This is my Hair Analysis when I had Osteoporosis, bone spurs in both feet and right shoulder, heart palpations, pain & weakness in both legs and fatigue.

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