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                             Do you have Mercury (silver) fillings? Do you plan to get pregnant?
Extremely Important Notice: You must have your Mercury fillings replace by a Mercury removal Dental Specialist
with a Mercury vacuum system before you get pregnant. Next, you should get a
Hair Mineral Analysis to test for
Heavy Metal Toxicity to include

If you live in Corpus Christi and need your Mercury fillings removed, contact Dr. Don Lowrance at 361-851-8274.

Both blood and hair have been used to detect mercury poisoning. In one study, hair levels generally correlated
with blood levels. Hair levels are about 300 times higher than blood levels. Copper toxicity and zinc deficiency are
often associated with mercury toxicity.

Nervous system - Degeneration of nerve fibers occurs, particularly the peripheral sensory nerve fibers. In addition
to sensory nerve damage, motor conduction speed was reduced in persons with high hair mercury levels. The
most common sensory effects are paresthesia, pain in limbs, and visual and auditory disturbances. Motor
disturbances results in changes in gait, weakness, falling, slurred speech, and tremor.  Other symptoms are
headaches, rashes and emotional disturbances.

Endocrine System - Mercury has been shown to concentrate in the thyroid and pituitary
glands,  interfering with their function.    Impairment of adrenal gland activity also occurs.

Kidneys -   Mercury can accumulate in the kidneys, where it may cause kidney damage.

Adrenal gland dysfunction, depression, alopecia (hair loss), dermatitis, anorexia, discouragement, ataxia
(uncontrolled movement of limbs), dizziness, birth defects, fatigue,  blushing, brain damage, hearing loss,
hyperactivity, immune system dysfunction, insomnia, kidney damage, loss of self-control, memory loss, migraine
headaches, mood swings, nervousness, numbness and tingling in arms and legs, pain in limbs, rashes, skin,
salivation, excessive, schizophrenia, thyroid dysfunction, timidity, tremors, vision loss - peripheral vision,
weakness and muscle loss.

If you live in Corpus Christi and need your Mercury fillings removed, contact Dr. Don Lowrance at 361-851-8274.

Dr. Griffin Cole in Austin, TX has a Mercury Vacuum System. Feel free to visit his website at:

After you have the Mercury fillings removed you should start a
Detox program to flush out Toxic Metals from of
your body. Mercury, Lead, Aluminum and other Toxic metals can be passed from mother to child through the
placenta at birth. These toxins can cause Miscarriages, Birth Defects, Learning Disabilities, Mental retardation, etc.

Warning: Do not replace or have Dental work done on your Mercury fillings while you are pregnant. Doing so may
cause a miscarriage or serious health problems for your new born.

Dr. Pentti Nupponen, with a 30-year dental career is being called a quack because he has banned Fluoride
and Mercury from his practice. He cares about the health of his patients and his staff.
The Halifax Center for Holistic & Cosmetic Dentistry, Pentti J. Nupponen, DMD, MAGD, CNC, FIAOMT
717-896-3911, 800-929-2844,

Heart Attacks stopped after removal of Mercury fillings:
We had a Lancaster County dairy farmer who suffered 15 years from small heart attacks. He was sent home to die.
As soon as we take -- took the fatal amalgam fillings out, his heart attacks stopped and he went back to work.

MS patient is cured after Mercury fillings are removed.
We had a MS patient, gets out of her wheelchair and walks as soon as she became mercury free.

Fibromyalgia Pain gone after Mercury fillings removed.
We had a Fibromyalgia patient who was for 46 years dealing with terrible pain and drugs. The pain disappeared as
soon as she had her mercury fillings taken out. Remember, it’s not about us; it’s about them.

As a young expectant mother I know that twice following dental work I miscarried. I know that at the time the dentist
gave no warning about a mercury exposure. I know that at no point in my visits to the obstetrician was I warned
about a mercury exposure, in the dental fillings or asked about my medical and dental history. I know that it in my
visits to any physician or dentist I was never asked whether I'm allergic to Mercury. Oh, I didn’t drink coffee. I never
smoked in my life and didn’t even have a sip on New Year’s Eve champagne.

Exposure to mercury from amalgam fillings, single amalgam filling during pregnancy results in autism. Here is a
clear case of connecting dental mercury to autism. This Mennonite lady had nine children, five boys, four girls.
When she was pregnant with her last child she had to go to a dentist. The dentist assured her that the filling is
perfectly safe, the silver filling is safe, “ADA tells me so, so it is safe.” And he placed one silver filling into her
tooth. Soon after that her blood pressure shot up to 180 to -95 and stayed that way from 2 to 3 years. And when the
son was born he wasn’t the same as the other eight. He was screaming all the time. He wouldn’t look at her to the
eyes. He had all the symptoms and signs of autistic child. In fact, he was diagnosed as an autistic child.

Remember, this family, none of them had any vaccinations. The only source for mercury for this little boy was from
the amalgam filling put into the mother’s tooth while she was pregnant with him. So who is responsible? Is a dentist
responsible? Is a dental establishment who absolute refuses to talk to dentist about the mercury amalgam
toxicology? Are you, the Dental Board, responsible? Or is FDA responsible? The courts will decide.

My exposure to toxic mercury from ages 7 to 16, I received 16 amalgamated high silver -- high copper-mercury-
silver fillings.
From MC through adulthood, especially being a provider of dental health care, I received
immunizations laced with mercury as a preservative. I trusted the ADA and the FDA. I was told as a dental assistant
that I was working safe when I brought out excess mercury using only a cheesecloth. Then as a dental hygienist I
was assured that hand scaling and ultrasonic usage around amalgams was considered safe. I wasn’t informed
about mercury’s fumes or the buildup of mercury’s toxicity in my blood, organs and brain tissues, or that it passed
into my baby’s placenta. My concerns about mercury toxicity were ignored or thought disloyal to the ADA.
Traditional dental offices are toxic places. I now seek a safe dental practice to practice in.

My endangered health, athletic stamina, mental focus decline: severe mononucleosis grade 6 and 10, extreme
fatigue limiting income, gluten intolerance, gallbladder/liver issues, dizziness, vertigo resulting in falls, hand
tremors and tingling sensations, chronic tinnitus and hearing loss. I do wear hearing aids. Adrenal and thyroid and
pancreas insufficiencies.

I know that it in my visits to any physician or dentist I was never asked whether I'm allergic to mercury. Oh, I didn’t
drink coffee. I never smoked in my life and didn’t even have a sip on New Year’s Eve champagne.As a young
expectant mother I know that twice following dental work I miscarried. I know that at the time the dentist gave no
warning about a mercury exposure. I know that at no point in my visits to the obstetrician was I warned about a
mercury exposure, in the dental fillings or asked about my medical and dental history. I know that it in my visits to
any physician or dentist I was never asked whether I'm allergic to mercury. Oh, I didn’t drink coffee. I never smoked
in my life and didn’t even have a sip on New Year’s Eve champagne.

I resigned from traditional dental hygiene practice. I refused mercury containing vaccinations. I follow holistic
health practices for detox. I am forced to have a slower-paced lifestyle with an income loss for quite a while now.

I have not had a heart attack since you removed my amalgam fillings. And since you removed my three root canal
teeth, my blood pressure has returned to normal, and I feel really well." -LF-
(The above patient had been referred to us by an alternative medical doctor. He had been disabled for 20 years
with frequent small heart attacks and low blood pressure. After total dental rehabilitation (TDR), he is now well and
has gone back to work.)

"Within two days after the fillings were removed, my shoulder pain disappeared." -CB-

"I went to nine different doctors.
None could help me. They had me on so many prescriptions. I was given a few
months to live. Dr. Nupponen then removed my amalgam fillings, and the results were dramatic." -JG-

"My blood sugar problems improved significantly about 1 week after the last mercury was removed. It's been 20
years since I felt this good.

"I suffered with depression, fatigue, sinusitis, migraine-like headaches, muscle aches, allergies, and brain fog.
After having my fillings redone and going through a detox program with C. J. Patton Center, my symptoms are
eliminated. I have not had sinus headaches since, my muscle weakness and aches are gone, and the depression
has improved." -LL-

"I had my amalgam fillings replaced about a year ago and haven't had an asthma attack since." -DM-

"In August and September of 2004 [Dr. Nupponen] removed all the mercury amalgams from my mouth.
I was
suffering from hypothyroidism and high blood pressure at the time. Two weeks after the removal of all the mercury
amalgams from the left side of my mouth, I began having symptoms of overdose from my thyroid medication
(Armour Thyroid). At that time my dosage of Armour Thyroid medication was reduced from 2 or 3 pills a day down to
1 pill a day. Over the next year the dosage was reduced to 1/2 pill a day. In June of 2006 I went off the medication
altogether. My doctor says my thyroid tests are now normal. During the past two years I also went off my blood
pressure medication. My blood pressure is now 108/75 without blood pressure medication.
Getting the mercury removed from my mouth was the best thing I have ever done for my health." -JL-

"I didn't know it was going to happen. Yet there it was, just 3 weeks after having that last bit of mercury removed. I
noticed my neck stiffness and pain were gone, shoulders too. That was the first miracle. Then every other day or so
for about a month, symptoms kept disappearing. Shortness of breath, constant fatigue, depression, nerve deficits,
trouble swallowing due to an enlarged thyroid gland (yes, my thyroid gland shrank after being enlarged for many
years), and more . . . ALL GONE!

Thanks Dr. Nupe and staff for helping me regain my health!!! Miracles never cease and I'm living proof!" -MLH-, CMT

Mercury Exposure Levels from Amalgam Dental fillings; Documentation of Mechanisms by which Mercury causes
over 40 Chronic Health Conditions; Results of Replacement of Amalgam fillings; and Occupational Effects on Dental

Toxic metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, etc. have been documented to be neurotoxic, immunotoxic, reproductive/developmental toxins
that according to U.S. Government agencies cause adverse health effects and learning disabilities to millions in the U.S. each year, especially
children and the elderly. Exposure of humans and animals to toxic metals such as mercury, cadmium, lead, copper, aluminum, arsenic,
chromium, manganese, etc. is widespread and in many areas increasing.

The U.S. Center for Disease Control ranks toxic metals as the number one environmental health threat to children.
According to an EPA/ATSDR assessment, the toxic metals mercury, lead, arsenic, and cadmium are all ranked in the
top 7 toxins having the most adverse health effects on the public based on toxicity and current exposure levels in
the U.S., with nickel and chromium also highly listed.
A National Academy of Sciences report of July 2000 and other
studies found that even small levels of mercury in fish or levels of mercury in the blood of women below 10
micrograms per liter(ug/l) appear to result in developmental effects, and represent unacceptable risks of birth
defects and developmental effects in infants.

While there are large numbers of neurological and immune conditions among adults, the incidence of neurotoxic
or immune reactive conditions in infants such as autism, schizophrenia, ADD, dyslexia, learning disabilities, etc.
have been increasing especially rapidly in recent years. A recent report by the National Research Council found
that 50% of all pregnancies in the U.S. are now resulting in prenatal or postnatal mortality, significant birth defects,
developmental neurological or immune conditions, or otherwise chronically unhealthy babies.

FDA’s guidance for industry labels. The developing neurological systems in fetuses and young children may be
more sensitive to the neurotoxic effects of mercury vapor are very limited. To note, clinical information is available
regarding long-term health outcomes in pregnant women and their developing fetuses, children under the age of
6, including infants who are breastfed.

Mercury vapor concentrations are highest immediately after placement and removal of dental amalgam but
decline thereafter.

High Suicide rate in Dental Profession: Dental mercury exposure is hurting and killing our Dental Professionals.
Students of dentistry, hygiene and assisting students have career-long toxic exposure. Dentists have a higher
than average suicide rate and the dental assistants have a higher than average miscarriage rate. It is not just an

Dr. Pentti Nupponen said, There’s no -- absolutely no reason to use this pre-Civil War material anymore. Monday,
this week, I checked, there was a 765 different composite filling resign choices for dentists to use in place of
amalgam filling; there’s no need for this anymore.
Test results indicating mercury/metals toxicity(35):
(a) white blood cell count >7500 or < 4500
(b) Hemocrit > 50% or < 40%
© lymphocyte count > 2800 or < 1800
(d) blood protein level > 7.5 gm/lOO ml
(e) triglycerides > 150 mg %ml
(g) hair mercury > 1.5 ppm or < .4 ppm
(h) oxyhemoglobin level < 55% saturated
(1) carboxyhemoglubin > 2.5% saturated
(j) T lymphocyte count < 2000
(k) DNA damage/cancer
(l) TSH > I ug
(m) hair aluminum > 10 ppm
(n) hair nickel > 1.5 ppm
(0) hair manganese > 0.3 ppm
(p) immune reactive to mercury, nickel, aluminum, etc.
(q) high hemoglobin and hematocrit and high alkaline phosphatase(alk phos) and lactic
dehydrogenese(LDA) during initial phases of exposure; with low/marginal hemoglobin and
hemocrit plus low oxyhemoglobin during long term chronic fatigue phase.

Huggins Total Dental Revision Protocol(35):
(a) history questionnaire and panel of tests.
(b) replace amalgam fillings starting with filling with highest negative current or highest negative quadrant, with
supportive vitamin/mineral supplements.
(c) extract all root canaled teeth using proper finish protocol.
(d) test and treat cavitations and amalgam tattoos where relevant
(e) supportive supplementation, periodic monitoring tests, evaluate need for further treatment(not usually needed).
(f) avoid acute exexposures/challenge to the immune system on a weekly 7/l 4/2 I day pattern.

Note: after treatment of many cases of chronic autoimmune conditions such as MS, ALS, Parkinson’s,
Alzheimer’s’s, CFS, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, etc., it has been observed that often mercury along
with root canal toxicity or cavitation toxicity are major factors in these conditions, and most with these
conditions improve after TDR if protocol is followed carefully. Also, it is documented that the
process is inflamatory involving free radical/reactive oxygen species effects, and antioxidants have been found to
have benefits in treatment. Other measures in addition to TDR that have been found to help in treatment of MS in
clinical experience are avoidance of milk products, get lots of sunlight, supplementation of calcium AEP(448) and
alpha lipoic acid(494). Progesterone creme has been found to promote regrowth of myelin sheaths in animals.

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