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One of the causes of Depression is Constipation. When you food sits in your Colon for days, it starts fermenting
and rotting and you begin to absorb all those toxins which should have been pushed out of your body.

Normal Bowl movement is one per meal or 3 times a day if you eat 3 meals a day. If you go every 3-5 days or once a
week you are Constipated and will have symptoms.

If you go 3 times a day, but are pooping golf balls, you are Constipated. You are not absorbing the nutrients from
your food.

Your Stool should be moist, about a foot long and float.

Alzheimer's Disease may be caused by high levels of Aluminum in brain tissues.  It may also be caused by too
much Sugar in brain tissues called Cerebral Diabetes.

People with Alzheimer's accumulate more aluminum in their brains than people without Alzheimer's. Aluminum is
neurotoxin and may replace vital minerals such as magnesium in key enzyme binding sites.

Sources of Aluminum
•        beverages from aluminum cans (soda pop and beer)
•        food cooked in aluminum cookware
•        use of aluminum-containing antacids
•        use of antiperspirants
•        drinking water (aluminum is frequently added to municipal water)
•        baking powders
•        drying agents in salt and other products
•        processed cheese
•        bleached flour
•        fluoridated water increases leaching of aluminum from aluminum pots and pans

Drinking fluoridated water increases the absorption of aluminum. Levels of greater than 1 ppm of fluoride have
only been added to water supplies in the past 50 years. Today, fluoride is not only found in many water supplies,
but in foods which are processed with water, fruit juices and other prepared foods also often contain high levels
of fluoride.
Click on Fluoride to see how TOXIC it is.

A nutritional Hair Mineral Analysis may help determine the cause of your family member's Alzheimer's, ALS,
Dementia, Parkinson's Disease, etc.

Order your Hair Mineral Analysis Kit now.

Three Female ALS clients ages 67 to 71 reveal:
•        High Calcium levels
•        High Magnesium levels
•        Low Sodium levels in 2 of the 3
•        Low Potassium levels
•        Low Iron
•        Hidden Copper Toxicity
•        Low Manganese, Zinc, Chromium, Selenium & Phosphorous

All clients exhibited symptoms of:
•        Pre-Diabetes
•        Hypothyroidism
•        Adrenal Fatigue
•        Extreme Parasympathetic State
•        Impaired digestion, immune, etc

Below is the Hair Mineral Analysis of this client.

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