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                                                         How long can you hold your breath?

Every cell in your body needs Oxygen. Without Oxygen, you will die within 3 to 5 minutes.

When you take a full deep Breath, your Vital Capacity is the amount of air your lungs can hold when fully expanded.

The larger your Vital Capacity, the greater the amount of Oxygen is available to your cells. When the cells
are fully oxygenated, Cancer cells can not mutate grow.

Breath Holding Time can give you a way to track your Vital Capacity and can be an important indicator of Disease.

Breath Holding time    Seconds    Vital Capacity cc (amount of air in lungs)
Normal is                         45 - 50        3500cc
Acidemia                         35 - 45        3000cc
Mild Acidosis                  25 - 35        2500cc  
Acidosis                          15 - 25         2000cc
Severe Acidosis               5 - 10        1500cc

Our bodies like to be somewhat Alkaline, a pH 6.4 - 7.

Acidosis, a pH below 6.4 leads to inflammation and disease. A prolong pH of 5.5 and below can lead to Cancer.

Deep breathing exercises everyday will help increase your Breath Holding Time and your Vital Capacity.

Smoking decreases the amount of Oxygen that is available to your cells and increases the number of Toxins that is
absorbed into the bloodstream and your cells.

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