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I have had Heart Disease such as Heart murmurs, Pericarditis, Atrial Fibrillation, irregular heart beats, Skipped
beats, Heart Palpitations almost constantly for many years. My Mother died of Heart Disease.

We now offer Blood tests to assess Cardiovascular and Heart health. See
Blood Tests.

I have cured myself of Heart Disease through Nutritional Balancing and without drugs. Fluoride was the ultimate
cause of my heart disease. It caused a depletion of Iodine in my Thyroid and Heart. It also caused Acid Reflux which
blocked the absorption of minerals. It has taken me years of research to prove that Fluoride was the cause of most
of the diseases in America. Through Nutritional Balancing, I have cured myself of Heart Disease.

Fluoride causes Heart Disease. Order your Fluoride test kit. See

Fluoride replaces or blocks Iodine absorption. Order your Iodine test kit. See Iodine.

Fluoride causes Mineral deficiencies. Order  your
Hair Mineral Analysis Kit now.

Newburgh, NY was the first City to be Fluoridated. US census 10 years later showed that Newburgh had the highest
rate of
Heart Disease in the Nation due to Fluoridation.

Ebert JD - "The First Heartbeats" Scientific American 56:4-7 (1959)
"The heart of the chick embryo begins to beat on the second day of development. New chemical techniques now
make it possible to investigate the formation of the heart at an ever earlier stage.
...At low concentrations it [fluoride] primarily affects the heart, but at high concentrations it causes the embryo to
disintegrate according to a clear-cut pattern starting in the heart forming regions. At any given stage of
development, from the appearance of primitive streak through the establishment of the heart, the locations of the
cells destroyed by fluoride coincide with the sites that have the greatest capacity to form heart muscle, and with
the areas that have the greatest capacity for the synthesis of actin and myosin."

Since Fluoride increases the absorption of Lead, Aluminum, Copper and other toxic metals, Newburgh also became
the murder capital of the Nation. Research has proven that the accumulation of Lead and other toxins can lead to

Mild and Moderate Risk of Heart Disease can often be reversed with diet and exercise. High Risk requires
Exercise and Nutritional Balancing and Detoxing. Getting a
Hair Analysis is an excellent way to detect Toxic Metals
and Nutritional Deficiencies.

British Medical Journal which investigates a resting heart rate as a low tech predictor of coronary events in women,
Professor Peter Weissberg, Medical Director at the British Heart Foundation. "This study shows that having a high heart rate is a risk factor for
future heart disease in women, a finding that has been known for some time in men. "It adds heart rate to the numerous other risk factors
known to influence the chances of having a heart attack.

Can your resting Heart Rate indicate a High Risk of Heart Disease? Yes it can. Your resting Heart should be about 64 beats
per minute. 65 to 69 can indicate a Mild Risk, 70 to 75 can indicate a Moderate Risk and over 76 can indicate a High Risk of Heart Disease.

NOTICE: In some cases, a low heart rate can indicate a low thyroid function, especially if you have a low body
See Thyroid for more information.

Caution: Heart Attack Symptoms in Women are different than Men. Please view these symptoms BELOW and pass
this on to every woman you know.

Premature Balding may be an indicator of Poor Circulation and Heart Disease. Research has shown a link between
premature balding and Heart Disease in men. Poor blood flow from the heart and poor circulation caused by Pre-
Diabetes or Diabetes can slow down the amount of nutrition getting to the hair follicles.

Heart Attack - Can a Nutritional Hair Mineral Analysis give you clues to an impending Heart Attack?
Yes: When your Na/K Ratio drops below 50:1and you have severe copper toxicity (copper increasing to 30, when
normal level is 2.5), your body's vitality is severely reduced and if it continues, can lead to a Heart Attack.

Normal Sodium/Potassium ratio on Hair Mineral Analysis is 2.5:1.
If your Sodium/Potassium ratio drops to below 2.5:1 and continues to drop to .50:1, you are increasing your risk of a Heart Attack. Besides
being a serious Cardiac Risk Indicator it is also an indicator of Glucose Intolerant, Kidney Stress or Chronic Disease

If you have Heart Disease or have had a Heart Attack, it is important that you consider getting a Nutritional Hair
Mineral Analysis as a baseline.     

Caution: Chelation Therapy for Heart or Cardiovascular Disease
Chelation therapy with EDTA or DMPS are powerful chelators of toxic metals and beneficial minerals. They remove many beneficial minerals
which can severely unbalance body chemistry.

Nutritional balancing is very helpful to prevent and correct most cardiovascular conditions. This includes angina, heat attacks, strokes,
arteriosclerosis, congestive heart failure, etc.

Connective tissue problems are involved in most Cardiovascular diseases. Copper imbalance, mineral deficiencies and toxic metals show up
on Hair Analysis.
          Other Predictors of Heart Disease:
“Waist Size” and “Waist-to-Hip Ratio”
A waist size of over 32 inches for women and 37 inches for men increases your risk of Heart Disease.

“Waist-to-Hip Ratio” (WHR)
A WHR over .8 for women and .9 for men increases your risk of Heart Disease. The Optimum waist to hip ratio is less than 0.8 in women and 0.9
in men.

People who rarely or never brush their teeth have a 70 percent higher risk of heart attack, stroke or other
cardiovascular problems and have higher levels of C-reactive protein, an inflammation marker.

                              ROOT CANAL and Sudden Heart Attack
Having a ROOT CANAL done? Make sure you take your antibiotic. Bacteria can enter the blood supply during a Root Canal and go directly to the
Heart and cause a sudden Heart Attack.

          Keeping your teeth clean without the TOXINS in toothpaste
Use a little baking soda and some plain 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. Combine a little of each to make a paste, then gently brush your teeth and
gums after meals

                               Heart Attack Symptoms in Women
Heart attack symptoms are different for men and women. Dr. Weinrauch explains the warning signs women need to watch out for.  Pass this
along to someone you love. By Dr. Larry Weinrauch.
Heart attack warning signs for women. Very few pre-menopausal women have heart attacks, unless they smoke, have diabetes, or are on birth
control pills for a long period of time. Smoking seems to be the biggest risk factor:
•         Nausea and vomiting that won’t stop
•         Breathlessness (but not sighing) with exertion or especially if it wakes you up at night
•         Chest discomfort that starts behind the breast bone and radiates to either shoulder or arm, neck, or to the lower
(but not upper) jaw
•         Discomfort in the lower jaw especially if it occurs only with exertion or will not go away
•         Discomfort in the upper back especially if it occurs only with exertion or will not go away
•         Discomfort in the chest or back that occurs when doing usual chores after a large meal
•         Sudden onset of weakness that won’t go away
•         Sudden racing heart sensation with a very fast pulse
•         Sudden loss of consciousness
•         Physical inability to perform usual household chores

Who is most at risk with these symptoms? The more of these factors that apply to you, the greater your risk:
•         Menstruation has stopped
•         Smoking
•         Family history of arterio-sclerotic heart disease before age 60
•         High blood pressure (even treated)
•         Diabetes (even mild, even treated)
•         Obesity
•         High cholesterol (even treated)

Heart Attack prevention starts by changing your diet and lifestyle. Start eliminating all Trans Fats, Hydrogenated and Partially Hydrogenated
oils, Processed foods, sugar, etc. (see weight loss)

Take control of your health: Check your Digestion (see digestion), pH (see lab test), Blood Pressure (see blood pressure), Test for
Diabetes (see Diabetes), Get a Hair Analysis (see Hair Analysis), etc.

Heart Attack kills a 48 year old supposedly healthy male. This male had a complete physical with stress test two
weeks before his death. See Hair Mineral Analysis when he was 44. (see below)  

Normal Sodium/Potassium ratio on Hair Mineral Analysis is 2.5:1. This client's previous ratio was 2.75. In one year, it dropped to 1.78 and his
Copper increased from 4.4 to 34.8. Also, his Calcium increased from 195 to 275 and his Sodium dropped from 114 to 14. Client refused to get
another Hair Mineral Analysis or make changes his diet & lifestyle. Client died of a sudden Heart Attack four years later at age 48.

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