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No Student left behind
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No Student left behind
Education and
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                      Dona Park Subdivision, Corpus Christi, TX residents have Heavy Toxicity Levels
Soil samples taken in the Dona Park Subdivision showed Lead, Cadmium and Zinc

Fluoride in our water & toothpaste increases the absorption of Lead, Aluminum, Copper and other Toxic
Metals, we decided to test a few residents for Fluoride Toxicity. We found elevated levels of Fluoride.

Toxic levels of LEAD found in some of the residents in Dona Park Subdivision, Corpus Christi, TX.

No Student left behind Education and Wellness Institute received donations to test, using Hair Mineral Analysis, some of the residents of Dona
Park. Two adults and five children were tested.  There are about 265 families in Dona Park which may include 300 or more children. We
understand that a large percentage of the children have Learning Disabilities.

We would like to test all the children in Dona Park. Please help us raise the tens of thousands of dollars needed to
test all these children.

To prevent Learning and other Disabilities, any mother of a learning disabled child who plans to have another baby, should be tested for Toxic
Metals. If Toxic Metals are present, she should delay getting pregnant until she has detoxed her body and is free of Toxic Metals. Toxic Metals
can be passed from mother to child at birth. If you lived in Dona Park for a few years and plan to start a family, please get a Hair Mineral
Analysis to test for Toxic Metals. You may be risking the health of your child if you don't get tested.

Order your Hair Mineral Analysis test kit.

Please make a donation to support our research.

You can also sponsor a particular child or any child to get a Hair Mineral Analysis test. $125.00   Order now
You can also email me at for more information.

NOTICE: If your are a resident of Dona Park and wish to be tested, we are offering a special discount for low income
families. Please email me for details.

Results of the seven residents tested at Dona Park near the refineries.

One year old boy with Lead, Cadmium, Aluminum, Hidden Copper Toxicity and Manganese in his body

47 year old male with TOXIC levels of Heavy Metals in his body

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No Student left behind
Education and
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