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Order your Digestion Test Strips (
pH Paper) now $15.25

PH paper can indicate if your body is too Acid or too Alkaline.

Digestion starts in your mouth. As you chew your food, enzymes start breaking down your food. It is important to chew your food at least 20
times until it turns into a mush. You should chew your water and all drinks. It can help improve digestion.

You should never drink anything while eating food, except for Apple Cider Vinegar & water. Anything else will dilute your digestive juices and
weakens your stomach acid.

If you must drink something while you are eating, it means you're dehydrated.

Good digestion requires a strong stomach acid. A diet high in sugars and carbs can weaken that acid and lead to a condition called Acid Upset
or Acid Reflux. It can also lead to Malnutrition.

Acid Upset or
Acid Reflux occurs when food stays in the stomach for too long a period of time and ferments and develop other acids and gases
that bubble up into the esophagus, that acid feeling in your throat.

Iodine is extremely important in Digestion. Since most people are deficient in Iodine, you should test yourself. Click on Iodine for
more information.

Click on Acid Reflux for suggestions.

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