CURING DISEASE- A Step by Step approach to determine the cause of your disease or condition and a systematic
program to reverse it.  

Before you can cure any disease or condition, you must first know the cause of that disease or condition.

Every cell in our body needs three (3) elements to survive.
1 - Oxygen - without oxygen, our cells start dieing within in 3-5 minutes. Prior to the Industrial Revolution the
percent oxygen in our atmosphere was 30%. Today, the Oxygen is 20% and in some US Cities it's 17%.

The World Health Organization recently said that Air Pollution causes Cancer. Texas leads the Nation in Air
Pollution. The Gasoline Refineries and the Fertilizer & Chemical Industries are emitting tons of Hydrogen
Fluorides, Benzenes and many unknown toxic chemicals in our atmosphere. These Toxic chemicals enter our
bodies through air, water and food causing a disruption of our Endocrine System. Corpus Christi has one of the
highest rates of Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease, Hypothyroidism, etc., all caused by the accumulation of Toxic
Metals and chemicals in our bodies.

2 - Pure water - without water, our body may survive 3-5 days. In most Cities in America, Pure water is
non-existent because of the addition of Hdrofluorosilicic Acid (Fluoride) and other Toxins from China. Without
water the body will become dehydrated.

3 - Proper Nutrition without Toxic chemicals and heavy metals. The body can last about 3 weeks without food.

More to come.

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