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In May of 2014 I was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer. Before I could assess what my options were concerning my
Cancer, I was diagnosed with a blockage in my small intestine. 10 inches was removed from my small intestine.
After 7 weeks recovering from my surgery, I began researching my options. I finally decided to have the kidney
removed. After removal, I had the cancer analyzed for Toxic Metals. As you
can see, there were
21 TOXIC metals and chemicals found in my Cancer.
Many of these toxins are found in Corpus Christi drinking  water.

Most of us have Cancer cells in our tissues, but the Immune System keeps
them from mutating and spreading.

If you have Cancer or have a family history of Cancer, you now have an opportunity to verify and monitor your
condition with
Cancer Marker Blood Tests. You can select from several Cancer Marker Tests. You don't need a
Doctors script to order any of these test, but your Doctor may recommend certain tests to verify your condition or
to monitor your progress if you're on Medication, receiving Chemotherapy or Radiation. It is recommended that
you get familiar with all the Cancer Marker Blood Tests.

If you have Cancer or a history of Cancer, a Nutritional
Hair Mineral Analysis is highly recommended because
Nutritional Deficiencies and Toxic Metal accumulation is a major cause of disease in America. A Blood
Comprehensive Wellness Profile (CWP) is also recommended. See
Blood Tests.

Order your Pre-Cancer Test today, Nutritional
Hair Mineral Analysis,

In 2011, Texas had the 4th highest CANCER DEATH rate in the nation (36,770). Texas also ranks near the bottom in
quality health care.

If you or someone you know has Cancer, it is also important to get an Iodine test, since 95% of women with Breast
Cancer have an Iodine deficiency. See
Iodine for more information. Women in Japan rarely get Breast Cancer
because they consume 50,000–80,000 mcg of Iodine in Seafood a day.

Cancer is curable and preventable. It is simply a matter of reducing your STRESS, eliminating the TOXINS from your
body and building up your IMMUNE SYSTEM.

Hair Mineral Analysis can detect Calcium Mal-absorption (High Calcium levels on Hair Analysis) problems before
they are detected on Mammogram.

Does your child have Bone Cancer? An anonymous donor has donated funds a study Bone Cancer in children
living in Corpus Christi. We have enough funds to test, using Hair Mineral Analysis, five children with cancer. The
parents can apply for the test by using the
Contact Us form.

We all have cancer cells in our bodies but our immune system keeps them in check.

Normal cells become abnormal or malignant when they are depleted of oxygen, Iodine, vital nutrients, minerals,
vitamins, amino acids, etc. Consuming Sugar & Trans Fats can accelerate the process.

Breast Cancer: National Cancer Institute - Calcification, those tiny specks you see on a Breast Mammogram is most
caused by calcium mal-absorption problems.
Calcium from your bones are deposited in your tissues. Calcification in the breast can
be seen on a mammogram, but cannot be detected by touch. There are two types of breast calcification, macro calcification and micro
calcification. Macro calcifications are large deposits and are usually not related to cancer. Micro calcifications are specks of calcium that may
be found in an area of rapidly dividing cells. Many micro calcifications clustered together may be a sign of cancer.

See Hair Analysis below of Cancer Client with High Calcium levels in her Tissues.
Breast Cancer Research: Based on an extensive review of breast cancer epidemiological studies, R.A. Wiseman came to the following
conclusions: 92-96% of breast cancer cases were caused by a single causative agent, a deficiency of
IODINE, a micronutrient that is depleted
by a high-fat diet. Iodine can also  help heal ovarian cysts and works well on skin cysts when rubbed over the cyst. Supplementation of IODINE
should lead to a decline in the incidence of breast cancer.
See Iodine

A diet low in iodine can lead to a hyperestrogen state with high estrone and estradiol and a low estriol to estrone ratio that can
lead to cancer. Hyperestrogen can block the absorption of Calcium producing high tissue Calcium levels seen on Hair Analysis of people with
Cancer. Does your Replacement Hormones have HIGH ESTRADIOL? It may increase your risk of Breast Cancer.

HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY- Important news for women taking replacement Hormones. Your replacement hormones should
contain all three of these molecules, Estriol, Estrone and Estradiol. Estrogen levels in a normal healthy woman is approximately 80% Estriol,
10% Estrone and 10% Estradiol. Ask your doctor to do a blood Hormone panel with progesterone and Testosterone. A saliva Hormone panel is
available, but insurance won't pay for it. Please
contact us for more information.

2/3 of the Oncologists surveyed would not use Chemotherapy if they develop Cancer.   
Pharmacists and Nurses handling Chemotherapy & Cancer Drugs are more likely to get Cancer than those who do
not. What does it say about the safety of Chemotherapy drugs?

STRESS is a Hidden Cause of many Cancers.
One of the causes of Cancer is long term STRESS which depletes the vitamins,  minerals, etc from  the body.  Continuous long term Emotional,
Mental, Physical or Sexual abuse can cause Cancer, Diabetes, MS, MD, Fibromyalgia, etc. The death of a loved one tops the STRESS list. IT IS
THEM. You must personally confront them or write them a letter. Tell them that you LOVE YOURSELF AND THAT YOU LOVE AND FORGIVE THEM.
If your abuser has passed away before you had a chance to forgive them, write them a letter any way. As you express your feelings in words,
allow LOVE to come into your HEART and the anger that you have felt for all these years to be released and gone forever. When you have truly
forgiven them, the Healing Process can begin.  If you can't forgive them, then they will WIN and take you to the GRAVE with them. I have seen
this happen many times. DON'T LET THEM WIN.

Children with Cancer: The Hidden Stresses of the parents prior to conception, during pregnancy or during birth can be passed on to their
children through the placenta at birth.

If you have been under extreme Stress for a long period of time, please get a Hair Mineral Analysis. It can show how Severely Exhausted your
body is and may give you enough time to deal with the STRESS and save your life.

To order a
Hair Mineral Analysis Kit

Most people with Cancer have an ACIDIC pH. The body is inflamed all the time. If you are ACIDIC, you are not absorbing vital minerals, even if you
are drinking gallons of these minerals. The pH must be in a certain range, 6.4 to 7.0 to absorb certain minerals.

You can test your Urine & Saliva pH by purchasing our pH strips. $15.25
Click on Lab Test for more information.

If you have Cancer and have been abused, you must find the courage to forgive your abuser. Only through forgiveness, can your body start the
healing process.

Hair Analysis on a few people with CANCER showed high levels of a toxic metal and a serious Calcium malabsorption problem.

Antiperspirants with Aluminum can cause Breast Cancer. Aluminum travels from the arm pit to the Breast through the lymph System. Stop
using all products that contain Aluminum.

Cancer loves SUGAR. So it shouldn't be a surprise that there is a correlation between Cancer and Diabetes. Cancer uses sugar for fuel.

                                                            How to Reverse your Cancer

If you have Cancer, the most important thing you can do is eliminate all sugars, processed foods, Trans Fatty Acids, High Fructose Corn Syrup,
etc. Detox your body and Colon. Start treating your body like the Temple of GOD. Eat and drink 80% Alkaline foods and fluids and 20% Acids
foods and fluids. Order an
Iodine Loading test. Order a Hair Mineral Analysis test. See Hair Analysis.
Start eating only live organic foods, especially those containing IODINE and drink 24-48 ounces of pure water (non Fluoride). Stop using
products containing ALUMINUM (see Diet for sources of Aluminum),
Fluoride, Bromide, Copper, Lead, Copper, Cadmium, etc .

Start monitoring your
urine and saliva pH.  Use the foods listed in the Diet section to balance your pH. If your body is ACID all the time, it will
allow Cancer a good place to grow because it is a LOW IN OXYGEN. Alkalize your body to increase the cellular oxygen.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by using the Contact us form.

Below is a Hair Analysis report of a client with Cancer. Notice the high Calcium levels. Calcium is being pulled out of the bones and teeth and is
deposited in the various tissues of the body, like the Breast and hair. Normal Calcium level is 40 and normal Magnesium level is 6. The normal
Calcium to Magnesium Ratio is 6.67 (Blood Sugar/Pancreas Ratio).

This client has a Ca/Mg ratio of 41.1 which is very high and indicates extreme Blood Sugar and Calcium mal-absorption problems. This client
also has many mineral deficiencies, hidden Copper Toxicity, Trace of Lead and Arsenic and a serious Iodine deficiency.

The next four Cancer clients all had Calcium mal-absorption, Hypothyroidism or Sub-Clinical Hypothyroidism, Decreased Adrenal, Poor
Digestion, Pre-Diabetes or Diabetes.

They all had TOXIC METAL accumulation.



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