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If you suspect you may have HIV, AIDS or an STD, you can now order online blood test for these conditions. You
can verify or track any progress in these conditions.

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If you have AIDS, we have funds to test, using Nutritional Hair Mineral Analysis, three adults or children to
look for Nutritional Deficiencies and toxic Metals. If you are interested please contact us by using the
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A first of its kind study links heavy metal toxicity, nutritional deficiencies and weakened immune system to the HIV

A study of four HIV males verifies the connection between Heavy Metal Toxicity, Nutritional Deficiencies and weakened immune system in
males with HIV. Our research, over the past few years, has shown that parents with Heavy Metal toxicity, Nutritional Deficiencies and
Weakened Immune system can pass on these toxic metals , nutritional deficiencies and weakened immune system to their newborns
through the placenta at birth.

The study of four males with HIV showed Aluminum, Arsenic, Copper and Lead toxicity in all four. Two had Cadmium toxicity. Heavy metal
toxicity and nutritional deficiencies can cause a weakened immune system. A weakened immune system makes people susceptible to
HIV/AIDS, Cancer or any other disease condition.

Research has proven that the cycle of disease, (weakened immune system from poor diet, lifestyle and accumulation of Heavy Metals) has
been passed on from parent to child for generations and can cause every disease known to man.

A research study done in 2001, showed significantly higher mercury concentrations in neonates when their mothers received
amalgam-based treatments during pregnancy.

When a 9 month girl was tested last year, we found Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic & Aluminum in her young body. Her 18 year old mother is a
Muscular Dystrophy carrier and has four brothers with Muscular Dystrophy. All four brothers had Aluminum, Copper Toxicity and other heavy

The grant provides funds to test, using Hair Mineral Analysis, five children of low income families in Corpus Christi with Cancer and HIV. We
hope to find a correlation between children with Cancer and HIV and adults with Cancer and HIV.

While funds are available, parents of children with HIV should get their child tested.  Use the
Contact US form to apply for the test.

All four had traces of Mercury.

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No Student left behind
Education and
Wellness Institute